Thursday, April 5, 2012

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Tiny Artist Easter Eggs

This was one year ago and you can tell on that sweet baby face, she may be bigger but this activity was still a hit!

Check out Tinkerlab for a list of other process art versions.  I have been so impressed by the creativity.

Dear Readers,

We are getting ready for Easter here at the Winterrose house.  Coloring eggs is one of my favorite traditions of the season and so naturally I wanted to share it this year with our families newest addition... but... trying to dye eggs with colorful cups of dyed water is just asking for it with McGilly around so we improvised.  I was inspired by a recipe card I found at IKEA for painted eggs that used washable paint and Voila!  the idea was born.  

In my kindergarten class when we learned about oviparous animals {egg laying animals}, we talked about Condors and the shape of their eggs and how the shape helps the eggs from falling of the steep cliffs the birds build their nests on.  Naturally after learning something like that we have to do a little egg rolling.  We would put a hard boiled egg into a pizza box with dallops of paint and an egg shaped white sheet of construction paper.  Then my kids would tip the box back and forth until they felt their egg was complete {the egg would roll through the paint and leave trails accross the egg}--a little time to dry and they had their very own masterpiece.  For our tiny version we used IKEA tupperwares so that the egg couldn't get enough momentum to break.

And the picture is worth a thousand words! Shake...look....shake....look...look again...look closer...and then reach for mom to show you another one.  I was so glad she liked this, she couldn't get enough and neither could I.  

Happy Easter everyone!


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

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Pinterest + St. Patricks= a full mailbox

Dear friends,

Apparently if you haven't seen this cute printable you might be missing something big.  My mailbox is full everyday of repins of this cutie courtesy of Beth Proudfoot.  The bottom is her new addition and click the link to see my favorite version, I am a sucker for art supplies.

xo Ash

Monday, February 20, 2012

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New to Me Fonts

Dear Friend,

While I was working on a project this weekend I was informed of the lovely fonts on the Lost Type Co-Op.  The fonts are available for a donation, you name your price from 0 and up.  Beautiful fonts for the price you want...not bad.

Take a look.


Thursday, February 16, 2012

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Plant Strong Posters--Vintage Style

Hello friend,

I posted these on spinach and apples today and thought I would share with you:)

My favorite is the pink--what's yours?

xo Ash

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

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Velocity Valentines

I love the process of art, the mess and even the clean up, color is so lovely.  Come on over to the mom blog and find out how to make these fun valentines using a salad spinner and little one and her buddy loved it!

I {heart} color!

xo Ash

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

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Down with the Scales!

Dear friends,

I have been spending most of my blogging time on the fit blog and over at Spinach and Apples.  I made this poster after my recent post, "To Weigh or not toWeigh"...

I say down with the scale.

 Let's redefine beauty...I love Sister Dalton's {General Young Womens President for the LDS Church} definition of Deep short it shines from within.   For McGilly, my sweet little girl, this poster is my call for the women who will influence you to see their true beauty and let it shine.  Take care of yourself, do good, and find joy.

xo Ash

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

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Inspired by Resolve

Dear friend,

I was inspired to create this free printable after reading a post on the fit blog by my friend Jamie.  Once I made it I knew just where to share it, mine hangs next to my bathroom mirror and reminds me to stick to it. Whatever your resolve is, stick to it, believe in yourself, work hard and good things will come.

Come on over for the post and the printable.