Welcome to our LDS/ Church related free printables page.  We had two goals with creating these pages: the first was to collect beautiful printables from the web that were art for your everyday, everyday art we can have for free.  Good design was a must.  The second was to create a cache of links leading to generous and talented artists from across the blogosphere.  So link to their sites and peruse, many of these blogs bring beautiful art and design to you each day in their posts.  How wonderfully talented they are, enjoy!   If you would like to submit a piece to add to our printable cache email us at
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Latter Day Saint Printables {Church related}

Ambrosia Girl  {Treat from the Bishop}
Birthday treat reward card.

Sweet child of God poem {Lily and Thistle}
Thanks Hannah, it's lovely!

Bookmarks {Two Penny Blue}
Holy Ghost--John 14:26 

A handout made for Relief Society to 
go with Dallin H. Oaks conference talk,
"Two Lines of Communication"

Visiting Teaching Reminder {JP Creative}
I so need this, I made one this weekend in the lovely blue!  Thank you Jessica!

More to come...