Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A lesson from Victore

Dear Reader,

I recently attended a workshop with James Victore. A super cool, NY designer that rambles off inspirational words of wisdom at seemingly every moment. Out of all the quotable thoughts I heard over the two day event I was most impressed by one thing . . . Victore was not afraid to be Victore, and this got me thinking. If I were to design a wedding invitation for MYSELF, what would IT look like? Which leads me to the pictures I have gathered. Show who you are in your invitations, don't be afraid to be you. Your style, your loves and your personality. I have assembled a few ideas on some beautiful invitations that says a little something about the couple.


designs found: www.beastpieces.com/2010/09/fantastic-philatelic-wedding-invitations/www.underconsideration.com/fpo/archives/2010/09/kristen-and-dale-wedding-invitation.php, http://lovelypackage.com/wedding-invitation-2/