Friday, February 18, 2011

Our Gift: A free printables directory...

Dear Reader,

Our printables directory is ready for your use.  This is most definitely a work of heart, a lot of time has gone into collecting these beautiful printables, organizing them and posting them in our cache.  We love it and we hope you do to.  We will always be adding to it and hope that when you come across some exceptional design from a generous artist you will send it our way so we can add it to the list.  This has been an awesome experience-tracking these down, finding new artists, and seeing all of the kind blogger/ artists there are out there.  If you happen to be among our lists of links be watching for a very special thank you coming your way-an exclusive design of Two Penny Blue- saved just for those who contribute to our blog. 

You will find this thank you at the bottom of our free printable pages-and we mean it.

Have a happy DIY weekend, I know I will...