Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A quick word on Type & Dyslexia

Dear Reader,

I love type. I do. I know it's sort of strange, but I think it's cool. I just love looking at pretty type, pretty calligraphy and cool designs, which explains my love affair with Jessica Hische's work. AND what I marvel at even more is hand drawn type. I love seeing designers work when they step away from the computer and create -- you know, like with their hands. I wish I did that more. It's a tough task, but beautiful hand drawn type is so impressive.

On a random side note, I think it's official, I have dyslexia. My little doodle above proves it. I wasn't even thinking, I know G comes before H, I promise I do. Oh geez, I just realized I missed the D. Obviously I wasn't thinking at all when I was doing this. I must admit, I was a little distracted with The Bachelor while doodling. But don't worry, I got the ampersand in there.

Below is just a few things I threw together that I thought were cool type based designs. The first being a hand drawn poster. I like the message, it makes me giggle. Same with the next one, so nice. And the big one . . .  so amazingly beautiful. It's the work of Sebastian Lester. Goodness, I want this so I can hang it on my wall. I've also included a few good resources on type. 

Also, just a few nice type sites and blogs that I follow,, and I like FPO (For Print Only) because it usually lists the typfaces used, I love that.

Your alphabetically challenged friend,