Thursday, March 31, 2011

Cook Book Design: Part 4

Dear Readers,

I saved my favorite post of the week for last.  I have seen They Draw & Cook around Etsy and a couple of blogs I follow.   I thought it was awesome!  I finally made it over to visit their site, how cool & inspiring.  I chose a few of my favorites to share with you.  You can also look at a map of all the hometowns that those who draw & cook hail from, they have a search option that searches not only by food type but by artistic style.  And then I saw it...a little monster logo at the bottom right corner of the homepage, KIDS DRAW & COOK!  I quickly clicked and voila-in my opinion, the best part of the site.  Children submit their own drawings of illustrated recipes--and they are awesome.  Such an educational experience of making a list, writing a recipe and then it gets creative--I love it!  Make sure to not only check out the professional illustrated recipes but the "up and coming" kid chef {slash} artists!