Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Faves + Freebies

Dear Readers,

Just for you--fabulous freebies and some fantastic favorites for your Friday! (alliteration rocks!)

A new addition to our printables directory, lovely bookmarks for your lovely books.  I was called as a Relief Society teacher last week and this is good news for our LDS section of the directory.  I love handouts and this bookmark is for my first lesson in March, I also made a set of bookmarks that are about my love of reading {under the library section}, enjoy! The bookplates {under the library section},  are courtesy of one of my faves this week---Hello Hanna!


+{Kickstarter}  I was amazed at the genius behind this site.  A place for new ideas to be posted and for the general public to pledge money to those they would like to succeed, you have to check it out!  Make sure to look at Virtual Letterpress and The Manual.

+{Resumes are Dead} a free e-book I spotted at lovely Heather's, The Coterie Blog.  Her brother wrote this book, it is full of sound and enlightening guidance for starting and growing a new business.  Very timely for Two Penny Blue.  You won't regret taking a peek...

+{Stegosaurus and Bowtie T-shirts}  McGilly is getting these for her birthday, I don't care if she has a year before she can wear them, I love em'.  Mke sure you see the stegosaurus t-shirt in action. Courtesy of ilovedoodles.

+{Hello Hanna} Hold your horses...stop right now and go over to this cute store and blog.  I love it all...but I got all giddy over DIY poptart tutorial (ambs it's just right for your mini party;), completely adorable and look at the lovely bookplates for your books I added to our directory.  I will definitely be visiting there often and I bet you will be too.

SPECIAL THANK YOU this week to that same lovely and talented Heather in our Blogs we {heart} list of  The Coterie Blog, Kantan Designs, and HM Photography, she featured us this week on her blog and we are flattered and so very grateful!

We have big plans for Two Penny Blue this weekend so check back in on Monday, but until then have a wonderful weekend!