Monday, March 7, 2011

Momma Monday

Dear Reader,

Okay...So... this weekend started out with so much fun--which Amber will tell you about later but then the dark ominous music played in the back ground and you knew something was looming over the Winterrose household and then...dun dun dun... momma, poppa and McGilly were incredibly sick. Mom and Dad were taking turns with the sick baby so each other could try and sleep off the sicky bugs attacking our stomachs--yuck! We can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel and good riddance to those yucky bugs may they never come back again... So I decided to make today-Momma Monday and share with you some of the momma sites I frequent with a Momma To Do List.  Good design, creative material and about being a Momma or a Papa...Here it is:

1. Read e-zines I {heart}, check out Sweet Paul's newest edition (via Ez) with his polka dotted shake and go over to LMNOP [laugh, make, nuture, organize, play]  to subscribe in time for their newest March edition. 

2. Visit the ever so clever blog of Mari Richards, a twelve year toy designer, momma, and lover of the frugal. Here is my favorite toy from this week--Pirates {arrrrrrre} the best!
3. Have a Dr. Seuss Read a Thon in honor of Read Accross America Day--if like I this week swept by without a thought to that funny old guy, Theodore Giesel or more commonly know as Dr. Seuss have a make up day and visit one of my favorite sites: Modern Parents, Messy Kids for a list of resources--
Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!!
4. Make sure to celebrate World Read Aloud Day March 9th--check out LitWorld and how to get involved and fun ways to celebrate, what a wonderful idea and what a beautiful poster--

I hope you have a happy Monday and a wonderful week,