Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Weekend . . . where did you go?

Hello there,

This weekend flew by, did it not? Before I knew it I was back in Logan sitting at my work desk thinking, "Did I even have a weekend, did any of that even happen?" 

So here's the scoop. I'll just give you a little timeline run down here so you can see how insane this weekend was, well . . . Friday to Saturday morning, that is. 

Friday, 5:20 pm: freedom! Done with work, drove from Logan to the beautiful Alice Lane shop to attend the fun little party and book signing. 

7:30 pm: Met Ash at Alice Lane for the soiree. Chatted with the beautiful women of Alice Lane for a couple hours and purchased our copies of the books above {photo 101, photoshop 101 and Illustrator 101} and BONUS! we met Nicole Nicole Hill Gerulat, and Alma and Mike Loveland, the super cool authors. {see their website here.}

9:30 pm: arrived in Payson, where me and Ash set up shop for the evening at my fun Aunt Melyssa's house. 

10:00 pm - 6:15 am: worked our little tails off to get the ESTY store up! It was a whole lot of work, parts painful and parts hillarious. I think we hit our stride about 4 am. 

{This is how I felt around 4:30 Saturday morning, everything was blurry, the room was quite possibly spinning and I couldn't help but laugh at everything Ash said.}

6:15 am - the rest of the weekend: slept and relaxed. For me that is, poor Ash and baby Mcgilly got a nasty stomache sickness. But regardless of the flu:

We are so thrilled to have our store up. We'll be adding to it weekly, we have BIG things planned, so keep in touch!

Hope you had a fantastic of a weekend,


Heather said...

Hi girls!!

What a FUN blog!! I'm loving it! I'm adding to to my google reader right now!