Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Moral of the cake

Dear friend,

I hope you had a lovely Easter weekend.  We attended a lovely wedding, spent time with family, celebrated a birth, attended church on Sunday in our Easter best and are now going to sleep early after all the festivities.  And this week the hubs and I are headed to San Diego for a work conference and as for the blog we may just hit our hundredth post.  Ambie is still in Connecticut, she spent Easter in Manhattan where she attended church and then spent the day in Central Park-after she went to an Easter party held by a girl she met the previous week at church-I am jealous! McGilly loved her basket{loved pulling things in and out}, was indifferent to Bella Bunny, but was entranced over the bubbles.  

This week I am going to share with you some fun ideas for the fast approaching Mother's Day!  Today we begin with a cake and a story.

I want to preface by saying I am not a chef, I love yummy food and I like to make up my own recipes so just don't critique my form or anything.  Well, Bailey came up with the cutest item that we are adding to the shop and I wanted to make something to show them off, below are Bailey Bow Cake and Cupcake toppers.  So here is what I did...

First I mixed my own recipe of 7-up cake and floured two oven safe glass bowls I have, one medium sized and one small.  When I pulled them out I realized the middles had fallen and I immediately started problem solving.  I decided that what would make 7-up cake better is strawberries and cream filling.  

So, I mixed up a carton of sliced strawberries and  a half a cup of lemon almond cream cheese frosting. Then  I filled the holes with the mixture.  Afterward I placed the large cake face own on a serving tray and then added a little frosting to the top and plopped the small strawberries and cream filled cake on the top.

 Next I took my lemon, cream cheese, almond frosting and I smoothed it on all over the the yummy cake.
Added Bailey's adorable toppers,  a little lighting and voila!  A lovely cake.

While I was making this cake I drew some conclusions.  It is kind of like my life right now.  When it came out of the oven and the middle had fallen, it wasn't perfect but with a little creativity and problem solving it turned out better than I had originally planned and oh my goodness it was absolutely delicious!  Isn't it funny how that happens.

MAKE SURE to check back tomorrow for a DIY on how to make your own bows toppers at home.  

Have a happy Monday!