Monday, May 2, 2011

Felt Bow Tutorial

Hello Friend,
Here is the tutorial I promised!  When it got crazy last week, I thought I could find one on google and just link to it but I couldn't find one I liked so here is my version.  I would apologize about the lack of posts last week but I am going to share with you in a couple days why I haven't been blogging, so, until then try this fun tutorial out...

Perfect for Mother's Day, don't you think...

First, cut three pieces from your favorite color of felt, all the same length.  Make one of the strips slightly thinner.  Mine are about 3 x 1/3 of an inch and 3 x 1/4 of an inch.  

Secondly, take one of the thicker strips and roll it's edges to the center.

 Thirdly, take the other thick strip and lay it across the back of the rolled strip like above.

Fourthly,  take a glue gun and glue in between the layers you have just 
made to secure your bow.

Fifthly, take the thinner strip and using a bead of hot glue attach it to the 
center back of your bow.

Sixthly, wrap the thinner strip around the bow and pull tight, make sure to slightly bend your bow backwards inside the thinner strip, glue tight.

Seventhly, cut off excess of thinner strip and trim your tails by folding them 
in half and cutting a diagonal line.

Eighthly add to the perfect project, I added a stick and bouqueted mine 
in an old spool of thread.

Tomorrow I will share the bow banner I made, and I promise it will be tomorrow.

Happy Monday!