Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Berry Lovely Doodle Day 3

Hello Friends,

Here is my doodle of the day-I decided to break out the watercolors... here is the sketch scanned in...
and here is something fun out of them, so cheery!

This has been so much fun, now I just need to find a little time to clean them up and make some printables for me and for you...that is if you would like some-and Miekel, the 1st cup poster is being sent to you as soon as I clean it up.  You made my day with that comment, thank you, thank you.

For Easter I got a winston pocket set of watercolors that I can throw in my bag and take with me-it came complete with a collapsible paintbrush {how cute is that.}  Even though this is the first time I got them out I am happy they are always on hand, just in case.  But just between me and you... let's pretend I pulled them out somewhere more glamorous like at a farmers market in a lovely east coast park and painted my berry with a real life muse...that's my story...and only you and I know the truth, it was 10:30 last night at my kitchen table after the babe went to sleep...ahh the life of a mom, I love it!

...And I hope you all have a berry berry lovely day,