Friday, August 5, 2011

Coming home

Well hello there, long time no post. It's been quite a spring and summer for me. The weeks seem full of working and playing ... with many fun events coming up. Finally I feel like life is returning to normal after a bit o' traveling. I'm looking forward to updating the good ole' blog here more frequently.

Ash and I will be continuing to add posts here with design goodies ... I'm lovin' my photoshop these days, so get ready!  Also, we'll be updating with our upcoming etsy store updates and posts from Two Penny Blue Mom.

To get the next blogging adventure off to a new start I've included my new desktop wallpaper that I made last night. I call it "Ode to Ivan Von Scooter". Happy Thursday, and welcome back.



Two Penny Blue said...

Yaaaay! My sister is back, I love the dapper scooter and that text... is it Leitura Display and Bebas?
Love ya--Ash