Sunday, September 4, 2011

Poetry made of Pictures and Quotes

Dear friend,

What do you get when you combine beautiful photography of inspiring scenery, fantastically moving quotes and some great typography?  You get Julian's 365q project.  Julian's study centers around communications and design but he has been taught photography from his father and has an exceptional eye for composition.  Each day for a year Julian recreated one of his photographs and shares is on his tumblr page.

love the colors!

My favorite.

I loved this because it is my mountains-Timpanogas.
It's funny how somethings just feel like home.
Many struck me as quite that.

They are lovely, don't you think?  I made myself only choose 10 to share but make sure to go take a look at the collection and then come back and tell me your favorite.

Have a lovely Sunday...I love Sundays!