Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Everything begins with an idea...

{via sandbox industries}

Dear friend,

As I was talking to my grandma the other day she relayed the quote above by Victor Hugo,

but I would add or maybe just qualify this with, 

"...and a brave soul who will shine a spotlight on it..." or maybe... 

"...and a brave soul who will put it into action..."

Or...well...you get what I am saying-- action has to follow the idea or else the idea sits stagnant. 

I have been thinking a lot about this little adventure my sister and I embarked on...a little adventure that was left in the dust.  The dust of busy lives and moves, new jobs, and new adventures but I think it is time to revisit, a little tweaking, a little revision and a little more fun.  

I will be posting weekly and have a few projects to jump start the store, so if you are left wanting more--come and see me here:

The mom blog, 
Two Penny Blue Mom for updates of the crafty schmafty playgroup and other McGilly inspired acts.

The fit blog where I am known as Vivian,
Fit 3 Ways this is my place for sharing my journey to fit with two of my friends.

The nutrition blog, 
Spinach and apples where I am soon to be posting healthy recipes for my new plant-strong lifestyle.

And of course on Pinterest.

This is exciting!