Thursday, January 20, 2011


Dear Reader,

You make my heart happy…if I were granted a wedding redo, I mean if I were given the oppurtunity to marry my husband all over again-this would be my theme.   The other day I found myself at Nest Pretty Things where I was amazed at the lovely colors that fill her (Tamar’s) website.  Each and every piece would make me happy to wear it.  I chose her little color wheel necklace {top left picture} to share with you…absolutely lovely.  Her site inspired me to head out on a little web journey to find a few more pieces for my make believe wedding.  

Next, I headed to Etsy--for my wedding I would definitely purchase Lollipop Workshop’s, happy little handmade cake topper {top right}.  Lollipop Workshop designs a cake topper with you in mind.  So Happy!

Then I would use one of these next snazzy ideas for my guestbook-the first using a card file {bottom left and middle right}.  Guests fill out an index card with their name, number, e-mail, address, and well wishing then file their card in alphabetical order.  The dividers are made from vinyl record covers and come in all different sizes and shapes.  Once the wedding is complete you not only have a fun keepsake but you also have all of your family and friends info right at your fingertips-how practical and beautiful too-love it!  I found this at Freestyle Gifts.

Another guestbook idea is having a wedding tree {bottom right}.  Husband and wife artisans made this particular one from the Bleu de Toi (crazy about you).  Each one is hand drawn and comes with two ink pads so your guests can “leaf” a finger print on your tree and sign it.  I picture mine in an ornate gold frame.  There are a lot of versions of this idea on Etsy but this was by far the best. 

Add to that inspiration-servers in Nest Pretty Things headbands, retro aprons, a kiddy table with crayons, a photo booth with colorful props including of course a giant red heart, a vintage popcorn maker on wheels with vintage favor bags of buttery popcorn, bright colored cotton candy from Candy Clouds Company, a vintage, natural light photographer and there you have it…You Make My Heart Happy!  Can you tell I am such a little kid at heart…



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Check out Laci's blog. She did a shout-out for you and your blog!!