Wednesday, January 19, 2011

pretty things & more

Dear Reader,

Another busy day, full of designing, creating and a little banging of my head on the wall. I wish every day could be one of those days where you feel super productive and get a lot done, sadly for me it was not today. If someone out there has the secret to daily uber-productivity, please share.

In light of the busy, but not so productive day I have two things to share:

1. These romantic and lovely photos I found on 100 Layer Cake's blog. Aren't they beautful, I love good photography and today (especially the first photo) made me sigh, and want to wear rose colored glasses all the time. The second #1 photo was just so cool I had to share, also found on 100LC blog. I find it a little tough sometimes to find wedding cakes that I simply fall in love with, but this one, well I'm in love with it.

On a side note, if you've never checked out 100 Layer Cake, go there. Like, now. Especially if your a bide, hands down the best blog about wedding bliss in the blogsphere, or should I say webosphere -- I think they are more than just a blog these days.

Up and coming artist spotlight coming soon, very soon. Check back with us to get a sneak peek about our first guest artist.

The day is over for me. Hopefully tonight I'll be dreaming of swarms of starlings floating about in lightly pink colored skies.