Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bailey's DIY Felt Bracelet Update

Dear reader,

I hope this post finds you happy and well this Thursday morning.  I am off to babysit my cousins today, Connor and Hunter, two of the cutest redheaded boys you ever could meet.  If you saw our President's Day post, Bailey, our little sister made some cutsie bracelets for her dance troop and Amber and I were wishing for one.  These are our rendition of her creation and we added some felt headbands.  They take a total of 8 minutes to put together and are so much fun to create. Look here for DIY instructions.

Don't you love antique buttons?  I am always on the look out for pretty buttons-Bailey loves to use them as much as I do.  Here is a piece of information she wanted me to add after wearing her bracelet the last couple of days.  MAKE the closure loop out of fabric, rope, or anything but felt.  The felt stretches and makes the bracelets larger than intended.  The things you learn the first time around... 

The following post, A Little of This...A Moving Picture Post, is a collection of youtube videos that stuck with me this month-included are my current favorite song and an inspirational ditty by one of my favorite speakers Dieter F. Uchtdorf-he is speaking on something very close to all of our hearts the art of creating.  I hope you enjoy!

Have a happy Thursday,


erika ann said...

k ash&amber&bay.
those bracelets are too cute and i want one pronto.
check out my blog.
i wrote about you:)

Two Penny Blue said...

Thanks Erika, I know someones birthday whose coming up...hmm..wonder what she will get?