Monday, February 21, 2011

Bailey's DIY Felt Wrist Band Tutorial

Dear Reader,

Happy President's Day! My 9-5 gave me the day off, how exciting is that. My lil' sis, Bailey, had school off so we rendevous-ed in Heber at Ash's and had nice day working on two penny blue wedding annoucements while Bailey made some super cute wrist bands for her dance crew. We loved them so much we just had to share. 

Bailey rummaged through Ashlee's craft goodies and here's the list of supplies: (Bailey made 8 for the dancing girlies but for one wrist band here's what you will need)

three 10" strips of felt
two 2" pieces of binding
one bottle cap
one pin fastener
one button
two other coordinating felt scraps
a few sewing pins
some embroidery thread
hot glue gun


Pictures 1 - 3 are pictures of the supplies.
4- Take the felt strips, line them up and pin them with a piece of binding. Braid away!
5- Take the other piece of binding, make two small slits and thread through a small strip of felt, this will be the closure loop (measure your button so the loop is the right size). Measure your wrist and cut off the remainder of the braid. Pin the binding that now has the closure loop threaded through it to the other side of the braided felt.
6- Cut a circle out of a coordinating piece of felt with pinking shears, while your at it, cut two leaf shapes also. Sew the circle on with the embroidery thread with an x in the center and hot glue on your two leafs.
(MISSING PICTURE STEP, camera problems) sew a zig zag stitch along the binding edges to secure loop closure and opposite end, and sew your button on the end without the loop.
7- LAST STEP! Bailey wanted to add a bottle cap pin to each of the bracelets so she hot glued a pin fastener to the back of the bottle cap and pinned it on to the flower. Now, they have a bracelet, a pin and a bracelet pin! Voila, your done.

Note: Bailey made those cute rose earrings at the bottom of pic 6 to go with her bracelet. She's so talented, I wish I was her.

We loved them so much, we'll be making more soon.

Happy crafting,
Amber, AshLee & Bailey