Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sweet & Spicy Storyboard: Numero Uno

Dear reader,

My Sweet & Spicy story begins with my love of dark chocolate...
foodwise the only thing I love more than dark chocolate is spicy foods. 

When I saw the movie, Chocolat, and she makes what looks like the most delicious hot chocolate and then adds a dash of chili pepper I was in love.
My grandma felt the same so for Christmas that year I ordered her some Aztec Spicy Hot Chocolate from MarieBelle of New York.  It came in the lovliest tin and of course my grandma let me have some-it was delicious. 

Next came the chocolate bar, about 2 years ago, while in Colorado, I discovered that Lindt had so smartly blended the sweet and spicy of dark chocolate and chili pepper together and I was in heaven.  This love affair with spicy sweetness grew, I found some of the yummiest sweets I have ever had seeking after this taste combination, Chuoa Chocolatier's Spicy Maya Dark Chocolate and Theo's Ghost Chili Dark Chocolate are two of my favorites.  Next, naturally, I wanted to make my own delicious treats.

Enter the heroines, my yummy Chocolate Chili Cupcakes and Fudge.  This week I am sharing with you my recipe for the ever so lovely Chili Chocolate Cupcakes.  I warn you, you can most definitely not eat just one... or two...well... just to be safe, share them with neighbors and friends like I do so you don't end up eating them all.

In addition to yummy food I am spotlighting some of the fun parties I have found around the idea of sweet & spicy.  This week is 100 Layer Cakes bridal shower, aptly called Sweet & Spicy.  The invitation is made of a chocolate colored box filled with pink sweet rock candy and dried chilies.  The three other elements that I loved was
+ the nametags, you could chose either 'A Little bit Sweet' or 'A Little bit Spicy', adorable
+ the cute favors of sweet & spicy jars of cinnamon
+ and the recipe cards guests filled out with a sweet or spicy story about the bride to be- how fun
...and on top of all that the design of the paper pieces is beautiful, don't you think?

Lastly, I will leave you with a question- upon arriving at 100 layer cake's bridal shower, which name tag would you pin on? Sweet or Spicy? 

Spicily yours,

Click here to download the PDF recipe card of my Chocolate Chili Cupcakes Print this, bake this, and thoroughly enjoy this!  Let me just tell you the cupcake is dense and moist and when you bite into it you are met with a deep, rich chocolate flavor that fades into a resonate heat from the cayenne--oh, you are going to love it.

As for new things I am going to try,  Fusion Sweets on Etsy has handmade habanero strawberry lollipops and Some Like it Really Hot habenero rock candy-Hmmm, order me two please!