Monday, February 7, 2011

Fabulous Freebies: Valentines Trinkets

Dear Reader,

With Valentine’s only a week away I wanted to share with you some of the beautiful design printables I found out in the blogosphere.  Beautiful and drum roll…FREE!

Amber and I are bargain hunters; we love beauty and quality but definitely want a good price upon its tag.  So naturally, our business endeavor will follow suit.  We want to offer beautiful design at an affordable price.  Being frugal is smart and we want to make it easier for frugal to be fashionable and beautiful.   A few of the ways we are going to make this happen is by sharing parts of our invitation suites for free and by creating a cache of beautiful designs by other generous artists. 

We will compile all of our finds in our Freebies page, organized and on hand for the celebrations in your life.  I am so excited about this because I know I will use it everyday—check back soon because our list is growing exponentially…

So exciting,

P.S.  Here is where you can find these generous artists, they are amazing and their blogs are ones you will want to visit again and again…beautiful, talented, amazing.

1 + 2    Creature Comforts
3 + 4     MerMag, MerMag 
            {I love pirates, watch for our girl pirate birthday package...coming soon!}
5 …      Thompson Family
6 …      74 Lime Lane
9…       Ambrosia Girl
10…     Up Up Creative
11…     Inside a Black Apple
12…     Nice Package