Friday, February 11, 2011

Meet Sue

Suzanne Hall and a few beauties from Alice Lane, I love pillows, especially ones that are joyful.

Luckily, this week, I had a fun little baby announcement/invitation to work on. The 9-5 job has been overwhelming this week, so it was nice to relax and do a super cute and fun little project. It was perfect, I got to work with one of my favorite people, Suzanne Hall, and was able to collaborate on this cute little baby invitation. Sue, one of the gorgeous ladies of Alice Lane (see their blog here) did the illustration and then we put the text and . . . viola, here you have it. Sue is a super talented interior designer and a super creative that will be a guest artist at Two Penny Blue.

Speaking of Alice Lane, if you don't know about it . . . once again, drop everything and head over to  their shop, right away. Just kiddy corner of the university Mall in Orem, this beautiful place will brighten your day. I fall in love with everything there the minute I walk in the door, just look at those last two pics. So wonderful!

Happy weekend,