Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Can I be your friend?

Hello there Readers!

So, I've had an epiphany over the last few days, yeah, it was a slow moving epiphany. And it is . . . I HAVE AMAZING FRIENDS! Not really an epiphany, I already knew that but I'm so lucky, my buddies are amazingly talented, beautiful and smart women that I respect so much. Two of those such friends I am talking about is the amazing Sue Hall and Meikel Reece. Sue's an interior designer and Meikel is a photographer. Yes, it's true Meikel, I've dubbed you as a photographer. They recently collaborated on a project that I am loving. Sue and her beautiful interior design work was recently shot by Meikel. The magnificient duo at Alice Lane, Sue Hall and Jessica Bennett, did a fantastic re-do of Stephanie Nielson's basement/playroom. If you don't know the story of Nie Nie go to her blog and read! Read a lot, this girl is inspirational to us all. The final result of the re-design is pictured above, shots by Miekel. So cool, I will one day own a space designed by my talented friend, and one day Meikel can take some beautiful shots of it.

See some fantastic photography and other cool stuff on Meikel's blog here.

Wishing you a blissful Monday,