Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Two Penny Blooms in Watercolor

Dear Reader,

Here they are our newest jewelry pieces and I love them.  They will be in the store by Friday with the exception of our newest customer, Jules, favorite pick.  Her custom blooms inspired these...creating is so much fun.  I began by making some clay pieces to practice on-the dangle earrings-and ending up loving them!  Then they evolved into the ombre earrings, I am totally making these in more colors.   Then I finally got the watercolored blooms figured out--and the work was well worth it.  In person they look like you just plucked them right out of a monet!  

I hope you like them because I loved making them!

Thanks for visiting, have a great day!

PS The last picture is our in the works bloom packaging--we love the little boxes and are working on some custom touches, don't you love the business card Ambie made for us? 

Note-check our sidebar for a new link to our shop, a blog button for your own lovely site, and a chance to vote for mine and Ambie's  Minted invite.  Wow, that post was a Two Penny Blue commercial--oh well, you have to toot your own horn sometimes...