Monday, March 21, 2011

New Freebies

Dear Readers,

If you don't know already...our printables directory {the links under our logo}  contains more than 300 free printables, beautifully designed by the many talented and inspiring blogs we follow...on Friday's in our Faves + Freebie's post we are going to showcase some of these designs and some fun uses for them.  This Friday it just happens to be about some of our favorite Peeps!  Make sure to check back.

Here is a new one from the lovely Jessica of JP creative, a visiting teaching reminder.  It is perfect for me because Visiting Teaching is something really difficult for me to accomplish--I hate to admit that, I really do.  I think about my wonderful ladies, I have them and their families in my prayers but my follow through is terrible, so---Jessica to the rescue--this will be staring me in the face until I put action to my thoughts.  How smart!  It even comes in your choice of pink, green, blue, and red...the best part, like everything else in the directory, it's free!  Thank you Jessica! 

Speaking of free, the second picture is from Little Paper Dog and it is our third free printable from this artist, I love her simple illustrations and choice of color--thank you Little Paper Dog.  Monsters + party, I love it!

Have a happy afternoon!