Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Pastel Spring courtesy of Cassia Beck

Dear Readers,

Today I went out and bought my new fabric for spring accessories and I had to share. So, I went out on flickr and searched for a beautiful picture that reminded me of spring and caught the essence of my new they are,

Up the side is the lovely colors from my cart at my favorite fabric store today and the pictures are courtesy of Cassia Beck. Are they not amazing?  I am in love..."When Cassia treated herself to a Holga camera, thankfully for us, photography then became her obsession."  wrote SFGirlbythebay.  Cassia also has a blog which you can indulge in and an Etsy store, lucky us.  Just what I needed on this dreary in between day.  I am just waiting for spring to break through, absolutely lovely.

In need of spring,
AshLee D.