Thursday, March 10, 2011

When Creative Minds Work Together

Dear Reader,

What do you get when you mix a jeweller and a printmaker?  Inspiration in the form of stunning jewellery and home decor.  While looking for pictures to match our new invitation I came across GoldenInk Collaborative of AU.  I was amazed.  Look what can happen when creativity blends.  All of their pieces are handmade and hand painted.  Truly wearable art.  Here is is in their own words---

"Golden Ink Collaborative is a mixture of Kate’s gold and silversmithing background and my printmaking background. The label atm consists of a home wares line and a jewellery line. Together we create exciting one-off pieces made from hand painted porcelain and silver with subtle detail and tactility. By fusing together our areas of expertise between the maker (Katherine) and the mark maker (me!) a beautiful unity is created within the collection."

It reminds me of the contribution we all have to make in this world, we each have a talent  and when we use our talent for beauty and goodness and share it with others, magic happens.

I feel inspired, how about you?


 Here are a few links to find out more.