Thursday, April 14, 2011

A few of my favs!

Dear Reader,

I have a pretty extensive list of blogs in my blog reader at the moment, I thought I would share some of my favorites, ones that are great 'go tos' for good design inspiration every day.

Apparently my favorite blogs only use black, white and red in their headers. Once I got them all together I realized how similar all the color schemes are, made me chuckle.

1 - Fubiz: Probably my favorite blog for really great photography and design images. Funny thing about this blog -- I added it in french to my blog reader, when necessary I try really hard to translate french.

2 - Brand New: So much good information about logos and brands. The author is great and so smart.

3 - Good design makes me happy or Hannah Dollery's blog {can't figure the official name}: This blog always seems to keep me up to date on good design.

4 - Color me Katie: This blog isn't exactly about design, Katie is a photographer, but I like the pictures, and it's infectiously happy.

5 - Art Hound: Go ahead, see for yourself, I promise you'll like it!

6 - Lovely Package: Oh, how I love package design. The best way to get your mind thinking creatively is package design, I wish I could design packaging all day.

7 - For Print Only: And last but definitely not least, probably my favorite of the favorites. So much good work on this site it's ridiculous, for the print lovers at heart.

Happy reading {or in my case, looking},

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