Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Impressive Letterpress

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How great are these images? I love letterpress, if we had it our way everything would be letterpressed. It's just so impressive. In case your not too familiar with letterpess here's a concise description from Hearts and Anchors: "Letterpress is a form of relief printing in which the raised surface of text and images is inked and then pushed onto paper. The resulting print can be a deep impression, easily felt and seen on soft paper. Although the impression was not traditionally an effect desired by trade printers, today it is one of the most charming and interesting characteristics of craft letterpress."

Recently I learned something new as I was discussing letterpress with a local expert. Blind emboss {or as Evolution Press calls it, deboss} is the image on the top left, the nordstrom image. I fell in love with this process immediately, oh the beautiful creations that await using blind emboss.

The next few images are from For Print Only, I want these calendars, desperately.

And the last image from Rowley Press, my personal favorite of the beautiful invitations we browsed while discussing projects.

Photo credits {top from left to right}
5: Rowley Press

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LaCimOuRiTsEn said...

i WANT the ABOVE shoes for ME!!! I'm in LOVE!