Sunday, April 10, 2011

We love Bijou!

Dear Readers,

Ambie and I went to the Bijou Market this weekend along with our little sidekick McGilly.  It was great to see the lovely art of some of our favorite bloggers and esty storefronts.  Here are some of our purchases...

Ambie and I both bought this lovely print from Fifth and Hazel.  We decided to add it to each of our studio spaces we are organizing to remind us to create beauty and always love what we do.  I bought a birch wood frame and a turquoise glass vase from Ikea to begin the creative space makeover.

This wonderful duo has been dubbed Mr.G above and Louie below.  Louie met an unfortunate event when he was double teamed by a chocolate and copper dachshund  at grandma's house.  He spent some time on my sewing table and received a very complex surgery including a nose and eye transplant, now he's good as new.  Mcgilly loved them even with missing parts.  She has started hugging all of her little stuffed animals lately and singing to them tucked under her head.

These happen to be my favorite piece of jewelry there and I have worn them since Friday.

So sweet and so smart!

And it all came home in the cute Bijou bag. We got more hair bobbers, posters, and jewelry but with my silly broken camera just getting these to focus was a feat.  I hope you got a chance to attend. 
If not check out these fun etsy stores and blogs we thought were rather great. 

+Kantan designs-I bought an awesome print that says,
Come What May and Love It and another
that has a light blue Home Sweet Home print. 
+Radseams- this is the creator of Mr. G
+Ardor- Ambie got a lovely locket from this wonderful jeweler.
+Twig this is great site design.  You can also find many printed designs and beautiful accessories.
+Sarah Jane lovely lovely illustrations
+Freshly Picked beautiful baby booties, wallets and bags
+Wee Waldorf so fun, so colorful, so lovely games for kids and me
+Peach Pink Cakes yummy samples and lovely examples
+Fifth & Hazel beautiful paper goods, inspiring
+MD Sparks, so lovely I couldn't decide which necklace I wanted

The best part is they are all lovely local artists-the only thing missing from the Bijou was I had wished we could have met some of the talent behind these products and of course WE were missing.  Just wait, next year we will see you there!

Have a happy Monday!



felonymelanie said...

SO glad you loved the print!! I also created it for my office space :) Thank you so much for coming, and I truly wish I could of met you as well!

felonymelanie said...

(I am Melanie from fifth and Hazel)

Two Penny Blue said...

Okay Melanie I just went over to see your website--how lovely is it! I love the design tips and simple and clean it is...bravo!