Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bella Bunny & a Candy Free Basket

Dear Readers,

Easter is on it's way!  I love Easter, everything feels special.  New clothes, bright colors, remembering our Savior and his sacrifice-I am always humbled and renewed by this lovely day.  I wanted to make McGilly's first Easter special too.  McGilly gets to eat candy on a rare, very rare occasion and it usually involves one of her grandparents sneaking it in but I wanted her to have a basket full of goodies on this special day so here is what I came up with.  Meet Bella Bunny.

Next to Bella is Cleo.  Cleo was my first try at sock animals.  My lovely cousin Tiff taught me how to make her, once you learn the basics, your imagination is the limit in how many creatures you could concoct.

When I picked out McGilly's Easter dress I just picked up a pair of knee-length socks from target for 2 bucks that matched the dress.

And speaking of Target...I found almost all the little toys of McGilly's in the dollar bins.  I picked up the basket there, it originally had a light blue lining so I cut the lining into a pattern and made a little pouch to match her dress.  I wanted to make it fun without all the trashy treats.  Here's what is hiding inside.

Easter basket  $2
Pencil pouch $1 
{she loves the zipper and taking things out and putting them back in}
Bubbles $1
Giant bubble wands $1
Minnie socks $1
Sunglasses $1
3 Bath books $ 1
Light spinner $ 1
Wind up toy $ 1
Eggs $ 1
Bella socks $2
Total--13 buck, pretty darn good.

{Instead of candy in the eggs I put Annie's bunny shaped treats: 
crackers, grahams, and fruit snacks.}

I also added a headband to match her dress and of course Bella.

Look at her cute little cotton tail!  She is so sweet and cuddly... are you jealous?
Well don't be because here, just for you, is a DIY I typed up.  
Just buy your socks, and your ready to go.
You have to promise to forgive my typos though.  It's been a hectic week with 
Ambie in Conneticut... have fun with this.

Also check out Modern Parents Messy Kids version of a treat free basket.  I am already working on a couple sponge balls to add to McGilly's basket-she's a genius!

Happy Happy Easter!



Kristin said...

SOOOOO I just need time to try this out! It will be a future project!