Friday, May 27, 2011


Dear loyal friends,

Wow, it has almost been 20 days since my last post... it feels like so much longer.  

When I stopped we had just rounded 100 posts and I was overwhelmed.  Overwhelmed with the challenges we were facing in our family and overwhelmed by the blog.  When we began our little company I had wanted a way to integrate more art and design into my life.  I had just had my first little one, McGilly and put my teaching on hold.  My other love was art and design and this gave me an opportunity to have those loves become a focus in my life. This was my thought process... Because this was a business blog I felt less incline to do journal type entries and really be all of myself because it wasn't my blog, it was my sister and my business blog.  Also, because my "real" life focus was on learning to be a stay at home mom and all that entails...I used the blog as an outlet to take a break and do something else that I loved.  And I needed a little break from teaching because it had taken over my life.  

As I blogged I learned some things about blogging-

There is a community of bloggers that are so very kind and talented.  I am sometimes overwhelmed by their kindness and most definitely by there intelligence, genius and grace. 

Blogging has an ugly side, it can be addictive, breed jealousy and contribute to you feeling overwhelmed at times.

The outlet it provides has to be more for yourself than for others, but it is fantastic when others reach out and connect.

You want your blog to be a record of your doings and not a reason for your doings.

Here is what I learned about me-

As much as I love design and art, and learning more about graphic design...I love teaching and children more.

I struggle with the balance of how to be a mom, wife, sister, daughter, latter day saint, business owner, and blogger all at the same time.

I like to share with other people things that are close to my heart and to share things that might help others.

The way Two Penny Blue was set up before wouldn't be fun without Amber and Amber is trying to figure out where her life is heading right now, Connecticut or Utah, Pennsylvania or Utah, she is a wanted girl and has many job offers right now.

So, with all that I have learned and all of this experience to build on I decided to make a change in our blog to better fit the place where Amber and I are right now.  I want to blend my two loves together children/teaching and art/design.  With this in mind I present you with our new sister blog...

Here is how it will work...Amber will be updating the Two Penny Blue blog with design she is working on in her work life and wonderful tidbits she finds in the process.  I am going to be keeping up Two Penny Blue Mom and will repost anything design oriented that fits with the business blog.  We are both going to be adding sweet things to the shop too.  

Two Penny Blue Mom is going to be more about my life, the fun things I do with and for McGilly, design for kids, printables for can look forward to alot of information and fun things for children ages 1-6.  It will be a place for me to share my faith, my love of teaching children, and my love of beautiful design.  

Two Penny Blue Mom's official launch will be June 3rd!  Make sure to come and visit!

Have a fantastic day!

PS Look at those mad skills...I made the logo all by myself:)


ALi said...

Cute blog and graphic work! I love your designs. My friend Tiffani told me about your blog and I am a new fan.

Two Penny Blue said...

Ali, your blog is great-we have re blogged a few awesome items we first saw on yours. In fact just the other day I was on your blog with my little sis who is 12 and we were looking for cute outfits for her new year in Jr High. Thanks for the visit.