Monday, June 6, 2011

Illustrator-Jeremy Holmes

Dear Reader,

Over on the Mommy blog, it is Teacher Tuesday and I am sharing some fun song printables.  This is one of the illustrator/ designers I have in my book list.  Isn't this amazing?  His name is Jeremy Holmes, you can find out more in this interview,

"Jeremy Holmes: My art begins with words. I sit down and begin to write down all I know about whatever it is I’m trying to create. As I write, small images begin to form in my head and I quickly doodle them down. Once I exhaust this avenue I turn to the library and the internet to gather more words to add to my collection. At some point in this process I notice connections between certain words and doodles that spark an idea. I quickly sketch out the idea, circle it and continue on thinking of new concepts. Dennis Kuronen, a mentor of mine, once told me the enemy of a great idea is a good one. He couldn’t have been more right."
From here I begin sketching out the idea I feel works best. Once I have a tight sketch put together I begin experimenting with different mediums to see which one works best with the concept. Then I make the final piece.

and here on his website-go here it is beautiful.  Wowwie...I love it.

What does this story teach us for our Tuesday, avoid flies and don't be unstable like the old lady.

Happy Tuesday!