Sunday, February 27, 2011


Happy Monday Readers,

I always have a stack of 2 to 5 books sitting next to my bed, they usually sit there for a few months before I actually pick one up and even longer to get them read -- I've been right in the middle of Les Miserables for the last year it feels like. But, as of today, I have a semi-new years resolution, to finish a book or two. In light of that I thought I would share our Two Penny Blue book list. Yes, this list will keep me occupied for a good year or so, but here goes:

A few of these books don't really require reading, just looking, which I must say, are my favorite books. Just a lot of pretty pictures. I have started "A Whole New Mind" and was making good progress until I lost the book, but I've re-found it and am so happy. It's fantastic so far, I highly recommend at least the first 3 chapters of this book. Also, Me and Ash will be buying our copy of  Print Workshop today, can't wait for it to come in the mail! Hope you enjoy!

Places to find these great books:
#5: Amazon
#6: Amazon

Happy Reading,