Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tea Leaf Dreams

Dear Reader,

I have always loved the idea of tea.  In theory tea to me seemed sophisticated, soothing, and relaxing, a lovely ritual.  But...I could never quite get myself to enjoy the taste.  I tried all kinds of herbal flavors, chamomile, peppermint, apple spice, wild berry, orange berry, lemon, and each time I felt I must be doing something wrong, this is not soothing and relaxing and it doesn't even taste good.  I finally and sadly resigned to the fact that I was not a tea person...I know kind of silly to be sad over something like that but I pictured many of the things I love {reading, curling up for a movie, watching the sun rise or set} and tea would just compliment the situation so nicely.   I love tea cups, tea pots, and I wanted to like tea...well, last week my tea leaf dreams came true.   My Grandma Lindsay-a very sophisticated, lovely and might I add tea drinking lady- shared a pot of tea with me.
I watched carefully as she made it-four cups of warm water, 2 tea bags of Lemon Zinger, and steep.  Next she poured the warm liquid into our cups and then added a spoon filled with honey and let it sit.  I could imagine the honey melting into the warmth.  Last she added a packet of sugar and gently stirred.  As the first warm sip entered my mouth and slipped to my tummy I smiled, it was delicious.  I have had two cups a day since, while reading, while relaxing, while watching a movie and even a sunrise...the perfect compliment to some of my favorite things.    Mmmm...tea.

Here's to you,

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