Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cook Book Design: Part 1

The inspiration...

The ingredients...

AND Tuh-Dah!!!!  My very lovely concoction using Good Looks awesome recipes.

Get ready because this week you are getting a four part post inspired by cook books of all sorts-there will be great resources, good buys and great free printables so stay tuned.  I love the recipes over at Good Look Cook Book!  This is for two of my very favorite teaching buddies, Mrs. Gines and Mrs. Kohler.  Once again I timed it to an hour of designing and I think it came out pretty snazzy.  Make sure to go over to Good Look Cook Book and try out more of their inspiring recipes!  I love these recipes, all the fun without the fat!  Leave us a note, tell us about one of your fave teachers and I will send you a book plate just for them!

Have a great day!