Thursday, March 24, 2011

Friday Faves + Freebies

Dear Reader,

Happy Friday!  As promised I have the Peeps project to show you that I have been working on.  Made tutorials are one of my faves for this week.  Her blog is awesome!  I found this template on her site for the adorable Peep bunting below and I knew I had to make one for April!  I decided to use a color palette that is a little different and I love it.   A few days later I saw this lovely wedding in Southern Utah where they used crochet hoops and dark fabric to decorate with.  Add those inspirations to the pom pom fun we have been having at my house, the white glass vases I got last summer at a yard sale for a dollar and you have my new Easter additions.  Made has a great tutorial-the only thing I did different was I use a piece of binding and sewed the bunny ears into the fold, spaced them wider, added three torn fabric strips in between and I added pom poms to the ends of the bunting.  Then for the felt hoop flowers, 
  • I added dark blue felt to 4 embroidery hoops
  • Embroidered my designs onto the felt using embroidery floss that matched my bunting
  • Made 8 small pom poms
  • Cut 12 sticks from the bushes in my front yard
  • Snipped the sticks to the heights I wanted them, one large, one medium, one small for each vase.
  • To attach the embroidery hoops to the sticks, I glued the top of the stick to the inside edge of the embroidery hoop and then also I glued the back edge of the embroidery hoop to the stick {where it rests on it}.
  • I then glued the banners on my embroidery hoops and last I covered the back of the felt hoop flowers with a circle of grey felt to make it look pretty from the back.
  • All you have left is to glue the pom poms to the top of their sticks and arrange your flowers!

 And here are some Freebies to get you thinking about Easter!  

Made  {Peeps Bunting}

Twig & Thistles {DIY Easter}
In honor of Pom Pom Love- Domestifluff's {Pom Pom Printables}

Here's to wishing you a weekend full of faves and good weather!