Thursday, March 24, 2011

More Freebies and Faves

Dear reader,

Okay so next week Amber and I have planned to spend a great deal of time on Two Penny Blue!  Hooray!  So...I wanted to get these few ideas out to clear the plate for the new creativity coming.   I sat down today and wrote this post, scheduled it, and then went to the post office to ship an order.  When I came back I checked to make sure I had put the Matryoshka calendar in and it was nowhere to be found.    The whole post had disappeared so here it goes again...

Here is my fave trend right now...I know Matryoshka's are everywhere but this is a collection of some of the cutest--

Find these cute dolls here:

And of course to go with my fave trend is a freebie from a Print a Day archives--
Isn't it so sweet, Amber and I are making some big plans this weekend and I know just the right calendar to map it all out!

Freebie for the week--I found some really great printables this week, don't you think?
They will be entered into our directory this weekend!  But for now here are the links--

Meet Olliegraphic
This is Meg Bartholomy, her site is filled with all kinds of beautiful personalized pieces of art for children.  She offers freebie over at Oh My Handmade Goodness! LOVE IT!

My Faves-

Meet Squeezy Lemon
This is the lovely Sharon Rowen and her beautiful blog!

My Faves--

And don't forget ISLY's freebies from this weeks posts-- I made her chocolate cloud box this week for a friend.

Have a spectacular weekend!


Luz e. {Wee Waldorf} said...

Oh! I love these! I have the Fred measuring cups and LOVE them.
Thanks for sharing my matryoshka matching game too!


Two Penny Blue said...

Hello Luz!
It was crazy, I was searching out the matryoshka items on etsy and found your lovely shop and then I saw you at Bijou and had to add my other fave from the shop-absolutely the sweetest things! Thanks for visiting!