Thursday, March 24, 2011

Illustrator in an Hour

Dear Reader,

If you read our About Us page you would learn that Two Penny Blue is ran by sisters.  One sister, Amber, a designer.  And I am a teacher by trade and by is part of who I am.  I also love design and in college debated between an art degree and a teaching degree.  In the end my love of children out weighed my love of art in the degree department.  Some of the ways I brought my love of art to my kindergarten classroom was by creating an aesthetic environment for my students and introducing my students to many of the artistic greats.  

Since having my sweet daughter, McGilly, I am now persuing the artistic, I have lots of ideas, can put them down with ink and paper but I want to be able to bring them to life digitally.  So, I am beginning by learning the adobe suite with illustrator being my first focus.  I am taking a class from Alma of Nicole's classes in April to jump start this journey.  I thought I would share with you some of the fun things I find concerning this endeavor.  I decided my post would be entitled Illustrator in an Hour and I would showcase some of the fun things I create in an hour and how or where to find out how to do it too.

This week is from Ambrosia Girl and Good Look Cook Book.  This awesome website is a design test kitchen with each post showing a design inspiration followed by a recipe to whip it up at home.  I used photos I had in my iphoto folders, two of my favorite quotes, and lovely fonts I downloaded for free from DaFont {Made with B & Comic Zine GT}, followed the instructions and voila!  How is an alphabet chart for McGilly!

Go on,you know you want to, go make something!