Thursday, March 3, 2011

Invite & Inspire: LDS Temple Wedding

Dear Readers,

Here is our next addition to the store.  We were inspired by the the trend to incorporate artwork of your wedding location into the theme of the wedding.  For this invitation we chose to use the location of my wedding, the Salt Lake City LDS temple.   Because many of our friends and family have been married in one of the many beautiful LDS temples we wanted to create an invitation that could be customized with your temple of choice.   In addition to the LDS temples we would love the opportunity to customize an invitation for you by creating a structural art piece specific to your venue of choice.  Just contact us and we would be happy to discuss options.  

+ {Coral Drinks} from but link is dead.
+ {Beautiful Calligraphy} Barbara Kua
+ {Color Board} Project Wedding
+ {Etsy Necklace}
+ {Dessert Table}

I hope you have a happy day-2 days until the store opens...hooray!