Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Just for fun...

Dear Reader,

Happy Wednesday!  Today I wanted to share some of the fun toys I found last week working on the Superhero post.  First, I found this amazing Crazy Fort.  What I love is that it doesn't take the creativity out of the equation.  Kids build the frame with a giant erector set and then you add your own bed sheets to transform it into a secret clubhouse or an igloo in the arctic.  I love it, McGilly is going to have 2 sets because then we can build even cooler ones.  As I was searching for fun toys I came across some items inspired by kids toys for the kid at heart {me, obviously}.  And last is a few items that all of us big or little could love-make sure to check out the rainbow house video, wow!  

+ {Crazy Forts}  There website has a design board for creating your customized fort.
+ {Doodles Coloring Book & Branch colored pencils} Anthropologie:  this coloring book is 
   an outside of the box coloring book, each page is inspiration for your own creation.  
   The pencils are very tactile which is great for children of differing abilities.
+ {Colorem} This is a set of chalkboard blocks that kids can add artwork to and then switch sides for another go.  With a quick wipe of a wet cloth it is ready for another spin.
+ {Coloriage} This is another creative spin on coloring books.  After coloring it turns into a 
   3D diorama by placing the pages in a stand, love it!
+ {Goodman Miller}  These are amazing, educational, lovely, and creative.  Check out the 
   site for a video demonstration.

+ {Building Block Poster} An Etsy find that is so lovely, I absolutely love blocks!  That is a 
   whole other post in itself.
+ {lmnop}  this magazine is out of Australia and you can download their issues for free, 
+ {Sandkastenliebe} Meaning "Sand Box Love."  These are absolutely lovely, they are meant to be serving dishes for your table.  I really to have them on my table, how fun to serve your food with a shovel.  I might just use them everyday.
+ {Studio on Fire Letterpress}  A father and son team created this artwork.  It is my new 
+ {Rainbow House, London}  Okay, I am building my house with a slide in it, I would be 
   happy everyday.  Go see the video by this amazing designer, Ab Rogers.

For some reason this post made me long for spring...
Playfully yours,

PS Check out Creature Comforts post yesterday-Sweet Pauls new issue is out and all about kids!