Thursday, March 3, 2011

Invite & Inspire: Lovely Lace Wedding

Dear Reader,
We are so excited to present to you our first invitation for the store---Lovely Lace...

Hooray for our new invite design.  Each time we complete an invitation for our Etsy store we are going to do an Invitation Inspiration Board to introduce the design.  This invitation is our first to go into the store.  When we began this design we wanted something that focused on the type and that was very versatile.  We mixed masculine and feminine and classic with modern and we think it's lovely.

Here is a little about our creative process:
1...We brainstorm and sketch out ideas to bring to our weekly meeting
2...We discuss and decide on a design to play out
3...Amber puts our sketch components roughly onto the Mac in grayscale
4...We get together and beautify it with back and forth collaboration, Amber at the    
   keyboard-so much fun and an excuse to spend time with one another
5...We add color and as of now will make an inspiration board using real weddings to 
   introduce it into the store.

The only step left, to make it complete, is for a destined I-doer to pick the invitation & for us to add their information and if desired customize the color.  

At the end of each Invite.Inspire post we will list resources to find out more about the beautiful celebrations spotlighted.

Have a lovely day, 


LaCimOuRiTsEn said...

Lovely Lace... That's me! I'm glad I inspired you! He He!! I like it a lot!!