Friday, March 4, 2011

Sweet & Spicy: Numero Dos

Dear Reader,

Yummy, yummy.  Here is our second installment of Sweet & Spicy, if you haven't tried the cupcake recipe from last week take a look {here}.  It was delicious!  I love these posts about food because it gives me an excuse to make treats, but who really needs an excuse for that.  This week, at my house, we have been nibbling on--yummy--delicious--creamy--decadent--dark chili chocolate fudge.  As I am writing this I am thinking about those yummy pieces down in my fridge but I have to wait till after lunch--don't I?    I also have a few yummy items to share that I am dying to try...

+ Three Chili Hot Chocolate {Ticket Kitchen }
+ From love my food and sugar {Chocolate Cherry Macaroons}
+ Chili Raspberry Almond, YUM {Chocri- Design your own chocolate bar}
+ Am I in heaven? {London's Chocolate Week}

I also added a picture of the creative process of love jenna when she created the sweet invites from last weeks post.  I love seeing the creative process, it's as pretty as the end result.

Try this recipe I promise you won't regret it...{Ash's Chili Chocolate Fudge}
And if you need an excuse--the third week of March is National Week of Chocolate in the US, I know my house is celebrating!

Spicily yours,