Thursday, April 7, 2011

Friday Faves + Freebies

Happy Friday Freebies

Hello lovely readers,
This is our first friday freebie and the first children's magazine made especially for the IPAD.  I love that Timbuktu was created on the premise that children learn through play and the idea that children use their imagination to learn about the world.  This magazine has a collection of illustrators from around the globe which I thought was fascinating.  I have to say contrary to many comments saying otherwise, I love the illustrations throughout the book-they were the best part for me.  I did feel a little let down by the content though-with IPAD's capabilities this book could have been really rad, I would say I loved about half of the content but the artwork rocked.   Leave a comment and tell me what you think.

Printable Directory Freebies

In honor of McGilly's birthday here is a collection of printables for kids from the directory. They can all be found under the children section along with more stickers, paper dolls, and foldables.

1+shark printable from handmade happiness
6+complimentary bunting from How About Orange I would love to get this from a friend...
7+bunny Tumblers from Made by Joel this is great, make sure to video clip and definitely add this to your easter fun list.

This Weeks Faves

Tops for sure, my very favorite blog-EZ is kind and uplifting and hanging around her blog is like you have stepped into her home.  I think I have a blog crush...just look at the free printable she added to her gallery last week and don't even get me started on the amazing color palettes she creates.  Wow!

Amber and I met with Leland this week to discuss a quote on a letterpress poster we want to have printed.  It was honestly a delight to meet Leland, talk shop and find out what we can do as the designers to create designs that make letterpress more accessible to all brides.  Leland was more than helpful and you can tell in talking with him he loves what he does and so do we!  For now check out Leland's site and check back next week for a little more fun with letterpress and stay tuned for the lovely poster that is going to be the product of this meeting...thanks Leland. 

+and  now for my very favorite thing this week, this little messy mug eating her birthday treat!  It can't get any cuter than this...

I hope you have a fantastic friday and a wonderful weekend!
Oh yes and PS, make sure if you are in Utah, head over the the Bijou Market today!